Why the name Brian Sensations?

“Why Brian Sensations? When I arrived in Leucate in 2013 at the Naish Pro Center, Stéphane Jeanson and Julien Taboulet (Wesh Center Crew) baptized me as Brian. Why?
You’ll have to ask them! In the meantime, I was introduced to the locals and seasonal workers under this pseudonym, and even today that’s what most people call me!”


Brian Sensations is first and foremost a story of passion for all kinds of water sports! In 2017, I created my paddle school, Brian SUP Session. Following this, I underwent training at CREPS in Montpellier where I obtained the DEJEPS GAN, allowing me to teach and train in France.


During this training, my study project was the development of tandem Kite baptisms for the general public. Brian SUP Session then became Brian Sensations in order to integrate a diversification of services. I also offered Kite lessons in parallel, which I provided for the Surf&Kite school during the 2019 and 2020 seasons.








I wanted to turn my passion into my job in order to share it with as many people as possible!

Choosing us


A certified "DEJEPS GAN" teacher with experience.


Classes tailored to the level and in small groups (2/3 students).


Classes taught in several languages (French, English, and Spanish).


Equipment rental available.


Diversified and adapted spots for each practice.

Our partners

The most comprehensive surf shop in the region, where you will find everything you need to equip yourself for maximum sensations no matter what the sport!
The famous French brand has been accompanying us on and off the water since 2017!  Don’t hesitate to check out their new collection!
We have chosen the Hawaiian brand Naish to equip our school. Reliability, accessibility and performance are all present!
We are affiliated with the French Kite Association to ensure safety, please remember to get your license as it is mandatory for practicing Kitesurf and Wing in a school.

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