Wing Lessons in Leucate

Do you want to try out a brand new sport? For new sensations and even more gliding, discover our wing lessons in Leucate and its surroundings.

Wing Foil is the latest addition to the water sports: it involves handling a wing (called wing) held with both hands and not connected to the board. The main advantage of the Wing is the ability to move with greater freedom on the water, using both the energy of the wind and the swell

Wing Lessons Rates:
Low Season: September to June
High Season: July – August


Price per person: €140 / €160

Lessons with a maximum of 2 students. Benefit from a high-quality teaching and a coach’s availability close to a private lesson for an optimal learning experience.

€140 Low Season / €160 High Season

2.5 hour time slot


Price per person: €200 / €220.

If you want to improve more quickly and have the coach’s undivided attention just for you, then the private lesson is ideal!

200 € Saison Basse / 220 € Saison Haute

2 hour time slot


For 3 people: €360 / €420
For 4 people: €440 / €520

If you have a group of 3/4 people, group lessons for friends and families are perfect for you. 
(Group reservations are possible within the limit of available equipment according to the levels and body types).

€360 Low Season / €420 High Season €440 Low Season / €520 High Season

3/4 hour time slot


€100 / €120

If you have your own equipment and want to improve your skills,

coaching is ideal for you!

€100 Low Season / €120 High Season

2.5 hour time slot


Price with equipment provided: €80 / €100.
Price with your own equipment: €20 / €30.

You can ride upwind and tack, but you don’t feel ready to navigate alone yet? Brian helps you choose the size of your wing and board. He equips you with a radio and keeps an eye on you in case of need.

80/20€ Low season/ 100/30€ Hight season

2.5 hour time slot


Half-day rates

Come and rent the latest Naish equipment of the year!
Wing only: €40
Board and Foil only: €80
Complete equipment: €100

Same rates for high and low seasons

Half-day time slot

Remember to take out your license, liability insurance is mandatory to practice Kitesurf, Wing, and Foil! Click on the logo below to be redirected to the website of the French Kite Association.

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