Kitesurf spots
Leucate and surroundings

At Brian Sensations, we are committed to offering the best learning conditions to our students. Some spots are more or less suitable depending on your level and practice. The region is full of spots, each one more beautiful than the last. Here is a selection of some of them that we are likely to visit. Discover our various Kitesurfing spots in Leucate and its surroundings. 
The Palme pond
  • Ideal for beginners
  • You can touch the bottom everywhere
  • The wind brings you back to the beach (Onshore Wind), which makes learning easier
  • Ideal for beginners
  • You can touch the bottom over a large part of the spot.
  • The wind comes slightly from the side (Side On), which makes take-offs easier and prevents drifting too far away
  • Less crowded spot than Palme pond
Leucate la Franqui
  • Spot requiring experience
  • The wind blows offshore
  • One of the most beautiful spots in the region (Mondial du Vent)
  • To be discovered only with supervision
Le Parc des Dosses
  • Spot requiring experience
  • The best local and international riders meet there, and you can sometimes see them jump more than 20 meters high!

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